Plant Select is a global supplier of IN VITRO planting material and floriculture licensing programmes with innovation and sustainability as the ideal breeding ground.

Contemporary innovation

Plant Select is more than an ordinary nursery. We combine our knowledge and experience of IN VITRO with contemporary innovation in cultivation technology and translate this into the plants for your future.

Driven by our strengths from the in vitro lab and our licensing programmes, we strive each day to produce healthy and homogeneous plants in collaboration with as well as for partners around the world.

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Innovation & transformation

Innovation and sustainability form the optimal breeding culture for Plant Select, for our products as well as our production process. Our plant quality reflects our continuous investment in sustainable and ecological production processes.

Plant Select was founded in 1991 by brothers Jan and Paul Oprins together with Chantal Quirynen and already has a rich history.

Growth & expansion

Plant Select has recently undergone a few major changes. A successful management buyout was realised in November 2020, in cooperation with Group MC, a dynamic and flexible investment group from Belgium. This has enabled the company to successfully continue its growth and international expansion.

We cultivate plants for your success with the help of our passionate team at Plant Select, which carefully develops your in vitro planting material, retail plants and manages the licensing programme each and every day.